Waging war against depression

I dedicate this piece to those who continue to fight the good fight. Depression isn’t a battle.  It is a war, and wars have casualties.  Some of us are unfortunately too familiar with this. There is no cure-all to depression.  It is a sort of infection of the mind that has no universal cause.  But […]

Reflections on Iraq

“The enemy is your greatest teacher.” In May of 2015 I received my honorable discharge from the United States Army. I gave up my freedom so that I could become a guardian of it.  I endured many nights of loneliness where I would go to sleep and wake up at odd hours of the night, […]


Chapter 16:  Don’t Get Too Comfortable “I was complacent once.  And I almost died for it.”  – Drill Sergeant Duffy There was a sergeant who was on patrol in downtown Baghdad.  He was married with kids, and was active duty infantry (frontline soldier). When you are stationed somewhere for a long time, it is very […]