Waging war against depression

I dedicate this piece to those who continue to fight the good fight. Depression isn’t a battle.  It is a war, and wars have casualties.  Some of us are unfortunately too familiar with this. There is no cure-all to depression.  It is a sort of infection of the mind that has no universal cause.  But […]

Reflections on Iraq

“The enemy is your greatest teacher.” In May of 2015 I received my honorable discharge from the United States Army. I gave up my freedom so that I could become a guardian of it.  I endured many nights of loneliness where I would go to sleep and wake up at odd hours of the night, […]


“For every member of the armed forces, there are 200 civilians.  0.5% of the population of America is all that volunteers to defend its borders.” After being deployed in support of Operation New Dawn in Iraq, I have finally returned home.  But before Uncle Sam lets us go, they must first “demobilize” us. Basically, they […]


Chapter 16:  Don’t Get Too Comfortable “I was complacent once.  And I almost died for it.”  – Drill Sergeant Duffy There was a sergeant who was on patrol in downtown Baghdad.  He was married with kids, and was active duty infantry (frontline soldier). When you are stationed somewhere for a long time, it is very […]

The Chamber

Chapter 15: Trust your Gas Mask “After today, you will love your gas mask.” One of the requirements in order to graduate basic training was to go through a gas chamber exercise.  This exercise was necessary in order to build trust between you and your equipment. So on a glorious morning, we marched out to […]

The Range

Chapter 14: The Fundamentals of Marksmanship “Learn to take care of your weapon, and it will take care of you.” Many people wonder what its like to shoot an M16.  Well, to tell you the truth, it’s a peashooter.  As long as you’re holding it properly, there is very little recoil.  Let’s get down to […]

The Divorce

Chapter 13: Another Regret “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi When you initially enter the Army, you have to go through two phases of training.  First, there is Basic Training, which is approximately 10 weeks.  Next, is Advanced Individual Training, which is usually known as AIT.  […]